Selling a Property

Considering selling your investment property or home? Interface Property can help with its comprehensive selling service, which includes:

  1. Conducting an initial appraisal to provide guidance about the maximum price that can be achieved
  2. Preparing your property for sale using our property staging experts
  3. Selecting the most appropriate selling method, whether it be private sale, internet only, auction or expressions of interest
  4. Assisting with legalities and contract preparation through our trusted suppliers
  5. Marketing the property through all major internet sites, our current clients and mainstream media as required
  6. Finalising sale

Interface Property Group has established strong relationships with a large group of investors throughout our history in residential leasing and property management. As a result, we are often able to match a property for sale with the requirements of one of our existing clients.

Additionally, our licensed sales staff have an extensive understanding of the sales market in Melbourne and know how to market properties for sale to achieve the best possible price.

If you are considering selling, then please contact us at sales [at] interfaceproperty [dot] com or call us on (03) 9500 2088

Selling a Property with Interface Property
Selling a Property with Interface Property
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